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FLOWER TEA SHOP is brought to you by a group of urbanites based in Johor Bahru Malaysia. Just like you are, we are a bunch of people with a very busy lifestyle.

We feel that the modern world has been disenchanted; we are disconnected from the magic of Nature. While we embraced the hustle and bustles of the modern times; we neglected the goodness Nature has to offer.

As our priorities changes when we move forward in our life stages; we found ourselves searching for natural, non-invasive methods to promote our health being. Our self-awareness prompt us to be responsible for self-including our loved ones and hence we only want nothing but the best.

After a long journey of search, we discovered the goodness of drinking Flower Tea on a daily basis and we can't wait to share it with the world. Why? Because it is a gift from the Nature !

Furthermore, we trust that through deep intention and deliberate practice of Flower Tea drinking, it’s possible to re-enchant the world as our Flower Tea works on an emotional, mental and spiritual level to infuse positivity and harmonious attitudes, feelings and belief patterns that are held in the subconscious mind. Most importantly, we want to promote the body’s own ability to heal itself through gifts from the Nature.

With this ideology behind the purpose of FLOWER TEA SHOP, we want to see more and more people coming to the realization of the importance to pursuit.

We have a variety of flower teas including our Signature Flower Tea Blend. Our Signature Flower Tea blend are combined for its unique healing effect with no added flavorings or extracts. Our flower tea is carefully selected with guaranteed product quality.

So, join us on to embark on the magical journey in search for the goodness of Nature have to offer us and our health.

“Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. -B.K.S Lyengar”