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It’s no secret that women don’t always feel the best during menstruating and even the days prior to that. From mense cramps to bloating, endless fatigue and mood swings...etc, this is a tough period to get by especially it happens on a monthly basis!  It feels like no end in sight, isnt it?

Therefore, we have carefully formulated with our whole heart in hoping to be able to bring some relief for you !

Our MeTea benefits includes:

   Womb Care
  ❥  Warming Uterus
  ❥  Nourishing Blood
  ❥  Women's Health Wellness
  ❥  Alleviate Menstrual Cramp
  ❥  Promote Healthy Mense Volume
  ❥  Supports a Health Menstrual Cycle

We hope that you will feel a whole lot better with our MeTea and find some relief for yourself during this dreadful period. 

P/S: To the guys out there; it's especially sweet to get this for your lover. Actions speaks louder than words ! 

We trust that menstruation is actually a blessing in disguse. Nature has blessed us women with ability to live accordingly to a sacred cycle. This sacred cycle helps us honor our energetic, sexual, emotional and spritual needs each and every month; last but not least - our Sacred Reproductive System that is able to bring new life to this world. 

* Complimentary 3nos Tea Bag.